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January 2018 Blog Tours

The Captain's Disgraced Lady - Catherine Tilney

Beautiful Star - Andrew Swanston

Close to Home - Cara Hunter

The Secrets Between Us - Laura Madeleine

An Argument of Blood - Matthew Willis / J A Ironside

Traitor - David Hingley

Stand By Me - S D Robertson

The Last Mrs Parrish - Liv Constantine

In Love and War - Liz Trenow

Nucleus - Rory Clements

Aphrodite's Tears - Hannah Fielding

Miss Blaine's Prefect and the Golden Samovar - Olga Wojtas

February 2018 Blog Tours

Ivy and Abe  - Amy Lloyd 

Our Little Secret - Claudia Carroll

The Last Day - Clare Dyer

The Trip of a Lifetime - Monica McInerney

Only Child - Rhiannon Navin

The Meal of Fortune - Phil Brady

March 2018 Blog Tours

Fairvale Ladies Book Club - Sophie Green

When I Grow Up - Patricia Asedegbega

The Dark Lake - Sarah Bailey

The Ocean Liner - Marius Gabriel

A Failing Friend - Sue Featherstone and Susan Pape

From A Low and Quiet Sea - Donal Ryan

Two Little Girls - Kate Medina

Time and Places - Keith Anthony

April 2018 Blog Tours

The Wildflower - Harriet Evans

Too Close to Breathe - Olivia Kiernan

The Sapphire Widow - Dinah Jeffries

The Fear  - C L Taylor

The Black Earth - Philip Kazan

Half a World Away - Sue Haaster

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